Something In The Ether - Album Preview

by Fish & Bird



Listen to a couple tracks from "Something In The Ether", the upcoming fourth album from Canadian indie-folk outfit Fish & Bird! The album will be officially released on September 30th!


released July 12, 2014



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Fish & Bird

Fish & Bird are a five piece band, consisting of:

Taylor Ashton (vocals, banjo)

Adam Iredale-Gray (fiddle, vocals)

Ryan Boeur (electric and acoustic guitars)

Ben Kelly (drums)

Zoe Guigueno (upright bass, vocals)
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Track Name: Something In The Ether
some things you don’t have to think on
you just see it, you just feel it
when we laugh we laugh together
you just see it, you just feel it

there’s something in the ether calling out your name
something in the ether reaching out, reaching out

what is 3 weeks? what’s a life time?
who are we to be so wise?
if you feel it, then so be it
some things you don’t get to think on

‘cause there’s something in the ether...

it seems the more I try to think about it logically
the less it makes sense to me
Track Name: Lost
I walked around with my shirt undone
in the summer evening sun
the beer was cold & it tasted good
laughter filled the neighbourhood
in summer it came easily
but this year winter got to me
I’m frozen still, white with frost
I once was found but now...

resolute on new year’s eve
habits that I swore I’d leave,
like rotten things on the back shelf
I’d dig them out to find myself
seems I might’ve dug too deep
discarded things I oughtta keep
an overhaul comes at a cost
‘cause I once was found but now...

maybe there’s some line I crossed,
I once was found but now...

after so long on the move,
home’s like skipping in the groove
the same 2 seconds of a song
repeating on & on & on
the air I drew into my lungs
used to make me feel so young
now I’m breathing in exhaust
I once was found, but now...
I once had won, but now...
I once understood, but now...

it’s better to have lost