who wore these boots before I came?
with his head held high he walked these trails
just singing all the way
if you listen hard you’ll hear him still
like a dead bug on the windowsill,
a dried husk of memory

reverberations never die
in the bottomless depths of time
they just bounce forever

when she turned to tell me something
I could tell her lips were moving
but I couldn’t make out the words
when she kissed me deeply on the mouth
I could taste what she was talking about
& it cut my heart in thirds

reverberations never die...

all the words I chose when I was young
for the way that they rolled off my tongue
are now as permanent & obsolete
as a field of thrown out CRT monitors

reverberations never die...


from Something In The Ether, released September 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Fish & Bird

Fish & Bird are a five piece band, consisting of:

Taylor Ashton (vocals, banjo)

Adam Iredale-Gray (fiddle, vocals)

Ryan Boeur (electric and acoustic guitars)

Ben Kelly (drums)

Zoe Guigueno (upright bass, vocals)
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