Go​-​To​-​Bed Light

from by Fish & Bird



everywhere I go, I never seem to stay
there’s always some siren that’s calling me away
when the world begins to fade back into sight
in the go-to-bed light

sometimes the sky seems to talk to you,
sends you a message with its hue
like the sneaky way it starts to get bright
that’s the go-to-bed light

sleep deprivation will change the way you think
at least as well as a pull from a strong drink
right & wrong is not so black & white
in the go-to-bed light

it’s a crazy world & we all do our part
my existential longing is my art
I almost figured it out but not quite
in the go-to-bed light

you’re up to your ankles in the bay
you can sing what you can’t say
the echoes always seem to make it right
in the go-to-bed light

it’s a charmed life but it’s a weird charm
you’re as certain as the venus has no arms
that if she could she’d hold you tight
in the go-to-bed light

the passers-by turn into passers-out
I forgot what we were talking about
like I forgot to call it a night
before the go-to-bed light


from Something In The Ether, released September 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Fish & Bird

Fish & Bird are a five piece band, consisting of:

Taylor Ashton (vocals, banjo)

Adam Iredale-Gray (fiddle, vocals)

Ryan Boeur (electric and acoustic guitars)

Ben Kelly (drums)

Zoe Guigueno (upright bass, vocals)
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