Something In The Ether

by Fish & Bird

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released September 30, 2014

Performed by Fish & Bird:

Taylor Ashton: Vocals, Banjo, Acoustic Guitar (4, 9)

Adam Iredale-Gray: Fiddle, Vocals

Ryan Boeur: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar (2, 5)

Ben Kelly: Drums, Percussion

Zoe Guigueno: Upright Bass, Vocals

Recorded on Mayne Island, BC, Canada by Adam Iredale-Gray at Fiddle Head Studios with assistance from Emily Bachynski & Peter Mynett

Meals prepared by Elise Boeur & Cluny Macpherson

Additional recording by: Patric McGroarty at St. Clarens (Toronto, ON),
Adam Connito (Jamaica Plain, MA), & Gravesend Recordings (Brooklyn, NY)

Mixed by Adam Iredale-Gray
Additional mixing by Adrian Dolan
Mastered by Joby Baker, Baker Studios Ltd.
Album design, front & back cover photos by Taylor Ashton
Inside photos by Angela Fama

All songs (c) 2014 Taylor Ashton (SOCAN), except Rivers & Or Was It A Sign? , (c) 2014 music by Adam Iredale-Gray (SOCAN), lyrics by Taylor Ashton (SOCAN)

All songs arranged by Fish & Bird

We acknowledge the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $157 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.


all rights reserved



Fish & Bird

Fish & Bird are a five piece band, consisting of:

Taylor Ashton (vocals, banjo)

Adam Iredale-Gray (fiddle, vocals)

Ryan Boeur (electric and acoustic guitars)

Ben Kelly (drums)

Zoe Guigueno (upright bass, vocals)
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Track Name: Cold Salty
throw my body in the cold salty...
by the light of the pale bright...
I can’t see you with my big blues...
you’re a far cry down the long winding...

tiny cup of coffee, scrub the groggy off me
ease the being awake
it’s funny how life changes, & what’s really strange
is just how little time the change can take
so I sat on the porch of the bakery
with the sun in my eyes
& the sirens suggested to me
that I should throw my body...

baby I miss you, and if not to kiss you
I don’t know what this mouth is for
it’s as dry and cracked as an abandoned shack
dilapidated on the south shore
so I stand on the sand at crescent beach
‘cause I wanna learn
what the atlantic has to teach
and I throw my body...

I don’t know whether we’ll grow old together
but we have grown a little less young
how high is the ladder? what does it matter,
so long as you can see the next rung?
so I sit with the embers and the empty cans
& maybe this rut that I’m in
is just soot on my skin
& I just need to throw my body...
Track Name: The Lake
in the evening, the lake is cool & still
by twilight & fireflies, together down the hill
in this light, babe, tell me what you see
I am an evil man if you want me to be

the loons are crying & I am crying too
for all the things we can’t explain
but never fail to do
the water is wide here & the echo is long
I’ll shout my loving loud enough
to ring out once I’m gone
Track Name: Something In The Ether
some things you don’t have to think on
you just see it, you just feel it
when we laugh we laugh together
you just see it, you just feel it

there’s something in the ether calling out your name
something in the ether reaching out, reaching out

what is 3 weeks? what’s a life time?
who are we to be so wise?
if you feel it, then so be it
some things you don’t get to think on

‘cause there’s something in the ether...

it seems the more I try to think about it logically
the less it makes sense to me
Track Name: Lost
I walked around with my shirt undone
in the summer evening sun
the beer was cold & it tasted good
laughter filled the neighbourhood
in summer it came easily
but this year winter got to me
I’m frozen still, white with frost
I once was found but now...

resolute on new year’s eve
habits that I swore I’d leave,
like rotten things on the back shelf
I’d dig them out to find myself
seems I might’ve dug too deep
discarded things I oughtta keep
an overhaul comes at a cost
‘cause I once was found but now...

maybe there’s some line I crossed,
I once was found but now...

after so long on the move,
home’s like skipping in the groove
the same 2 seconds of a song
repeating on & on & on
the air I drew into my lungs
used to make me feel so young
now I’m breathing in exhaust
I once was found, but now...
I once had won, but now...
I once understood, but now...

it’s better to have lost
Track Name: Lonely Resonator
we moan with morbid satisfaction
who can sing the saddest song?
we teeter as we sing along
we live for that wincing reaction
who expresses heartbreak best,
who can get us right in the chest?

a heart’s a part of something greater,
it’s just a lonely resonator

we sit in the concrete stairwell,
it sounds like a cathedral
reflections ward off evil
tease out an ode or a farewell,
I’ll sing you one I swear I know
how’s that chorus go...

these mumbled incantations have the most power
when they’re sung in the smallest hours
the tune sounds appalachian & the words are modern
they sting like a rope burn

a heart’s a part of something greater,
it’s just a lonely resonator
see how it grows in the echoes

the sleeplessness of psyche
you sit there at her feet, just to feel her heat
it all seems so unlikely

a heart’s a part of something greater,
it’s just a lonely resonator
see how it grows in the echoes
Track Name: Boots
who wore these boots before I came?
with his head held high he walked these trails
just singing all the way
if you listen hard you’ll hear him still
like a dead bug on the windowsill,
a dried husk of memory

reverberations never die
in the bottomless depths of time
they just bounce forever

when she turned to tell me something
I could tell her lips were moving
but I couldn’t make out the words
when she kissed me deeply on the mouth
I could taste what she was talking about
& it cut my heart in thirds

reverberations never die...

all the words I chose when I was young
for the way that they rolled off my tongue
are now as permanent & obsolete
as a field of thrown out CRT monitors

reverberations never die...
Track Name: Rivers
we are rivers & we cut our own ways through
this land & we take great delight in our own company
I was holding out for something that I could call my own
so I called you to say “don’t wait up for me”
Track Name: Or Was It A Sign?
thought I saw a light streak across the sky
I swore that when I listened hard I could hear
your heartbeat speeding up
was it all in my mind or was it a sign?

thought I heard a sound like big trees coming down
you licked your lips a bit and I read so deeply into it
in the depths of random noise, I heard an angel’s voice
& let the static sink into me, surrendered to the mystery:
could you hear me, my heart beating?

thought I felt something, the ground was shaking
were you reaching out to me?
is there life in other galaxies?
was it all in my mind or was it a sign?

let the music sink into me, surrender to the mystery
could you hear me, my heart beating?

when you know the trick, it kind of ruins it
troubled is the heart that knows itself a little bit too well
was it all in my mind or was it a sign?
Track Name: Go-To-Bed Light
everywhere I go, I never seem to stay
there’s always some siren that’s calling me away
when the world begins to fade back into sight
in the go-to-bed light

sometimes the sky seems to talk to you,
sends you a message with its hue
like the sneaky way it starts to get bright
that’s the go-to-bed light

sleep deprivation will change the way you think
at least as well as a pull from a strong drink
right & wrong is not so black & white
in the go-to-bed light

it’s a crazy world & we all do our part
my existential longing is my art
I almost figured it out but not quite
in the go-to-bed light

you’re up to your ankles in the bay
you can sing what you can’t say
the echoes always seem to make it right
in the go-to-bed light

it’s a charmed life but it’s a weird charm
you’re as certain as the venus has no arms
that if she could she’d hold you tight
in the go-to-bed light

the passers-by turn into passers-out
I forgot what we were talking about
like I forgot to call it a night
before the go-to-bed light

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